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Supporting Brands

Sponsors are recognized as leaders within the Interaction community, not only for their financial support but also for the significant value added by their active engagement in workshops and plenary sessions. Sponsors can maximise their exposure at this high-profile and prestigious event and benefit from network opportunities with prominent individuals.

As a sponsor you can enhance your organization’s brand and visibility among professionals, decision- and opinion-makers representing the international non-profit community; representatives from the government, corporate, and philanthropic sectors; and hundreds of peers who share the interests, commitments, and challenges in eradicating poverty.

As a supporter of a new development agenda to establish a more sustainable and better world, Global Social Foundation (GSF) gives an opportunity for sponsors to associate with us to make a life-long impact in the sustainable development; it’s a transformative power to bring people together.

More Details

Here at GIBS Social Foundation, we connect Individuals, students from across various colleges who want to improve their lives and their environment with passionate people from around the world who want to take positive action. In order to take initiative as volunteers to make changes throughout the area, we are continuously accepting volunteers who are motivated and inspired to achieve goals similar to ours at GSF.

CSR Practices at GSF sets a realistic agenda of sustainable development approaches for the students to manage their processes to showcase an overall positive impact on the society. CSR initiatives taken by Students at GSF are as follows:

  • Students took an initiative in conducting an “‪‎Swach‬ ‪‎Campus‬” campaign organized on Monday 26th March 2016.To Spread mission of 'Cleanliness for all' our MBA students undergone the Swach Campus campaign where they have cleaned the surrounding of GIBS Residential & nearby places & educated the people on cleanliness & sanitation. With this, The Group aims to change the mindset of the people towards Clean India and make them realize the importance of cleanliness.

  • Volunteers conducted a workshop on‪ ‎Anger‬ ‪Management‬ & ‪‎Present‬ ‪‎Life‬ on 22-02-2016 at Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Bangalore campus, training helped all type of Mankind ‪productively‬ with ‪‎emotions‬. Volunteers helped to deal with anger issues and ‪improve‬ their ‪ability‬ to communicate effectively among others & guided to use various scientifically tested techniques and strategies to create ideal work and personal life environment.
  • Volunteers conducted an E-waste Awareness‬ program at Holy Child English School on 18-02-2016.‪ ‎Volunteers‬ emphasized the importance of e-waste, explained the components ‪involved‬ in ‪‎electrical‬ equipment which are wasted, and guided how students can get involved to solve these raising issues of e-waste by giving an example relating of china’s suffering from hazardous.‪ Encouraged‬ students to establish e-waste collection ‪mechanisms‬ in their schools and nearby area. By working together, an effective solution for e-waste recycling and disposal can be implemented domestically and globally

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